Customer quotes

From a database based web design project:
Jørn contributed from the first preliminary sketches to a finished and fully functioning solution. We got a better user interface than we had to begin with and also we got a very reliable and robust solution that not only works right now, but also is prepared for future enhancements. Copcap received the project on time and to the agreed price. User contribution, idea creation/development worked perfectly!

Morten Jordt Duedahl, Director
Copenhagen Capacity

I made the system design on the largest order ever at Brüel og Kjær. I took part of implementing the design with an outstanding motivated team.
This project has in many ways taught us a lot. It has also helped strengthen the ties between colleagues in the USA and in Denmark. The project and your team effort has been discussed over lunch throughout the company. Your progress has been monitored with excitement. It is our hope that the spirit and enthusiasm which we have seen develop during the course of your work, will continue and spread to many other Brüel & Kjær activities so that this Company will continue to grow for the benefit of us all.
Niels Brüel, Director B&K Denmark
Geoff Perry, President B&K USA
Jørn possesses the rare combination of deep technical knowledge / flair and managerial skills that make him an invaluable project manager. This means that he has been able to challenge the project team at the technical level while he has been responsible for significant changes in both corporate culture and work ethics. Moreover, Jørn shows a winning mentality so he reaches his ambitious goals most of the times.

Søren Krøigaard, Direktor

From a database based web design project:
Congratulations on the super fantastic job. Pleased to inform you that we received so much credit yesterday - especially the partnering part, people were excited and impressed about.

From my time with Brüel & Kjær:
I made a presentation for a key client. I did only vaguely know the writer of the recommendation (He worked for R&D), after

Vii I just say that I on Dec. 11th experienced a very professional presentation on the B&K VXI-line. It far exceeded my expectations and made me proud on B&K's behalf. The introductory rounds at lunch with subsequent summary was strong, and especially Jørn Lund's level of preparation: knowledge of the client and his products and a connection to VXI possibilities related to the customer's current applications was impressive. That is what we are impressed with when we're iout to listen to similar presentations. There was no hesitation, but answers to all questions in English (American) with very large vocabulary. From the client I have had feedback on exactly the same: "very impressive". In short, a very motivating experience, as I've shared with the rest of my team and others who bothers to listen to me.